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30-01-2018, 16:26
Server title: UWowCN.com

Server realmlist:
set realmlist login.uwowcn.com

Server hardware:
CPU: 2 х Intel Xeon E5-2687W, Intel Xeon E5-2690
Random access memory: 256 Gb.
HDDs: 2 х 2ТB + 3 x 240GB
Internet channel: 1 Gbit dedicated
Operational system: Linux Debian 7.0 Squeeze64 bit
Server location: Hong Kong

The server supports following game versions: WotLK(3.3.5a), Mist of Pandaria (5.4.8), Legion (7.3.5)

Game realms:
Legion: x100

Our game servers differ not only in rates. For example unique x30 - experimental game world, an attempt to create a server of increased comfort with spells, minimally changing gameplay and improving comfort, such spells are disabled on arena.

The project was opened on 1 September in 2009. For this time we have done a lot to make our server be comfortable for playing. The rules of the server are thought out so that normal, adequate people would be pleased to spend time on the server. Our rules are quite strict, but thousands of players have been playing on our server more than 2 years and for this time they haven't been banned because they play fairly and culturally. Our Administration is grouped in a such way that on each game world GMs are always online, and there is a person responsible for each server, both for it's contingent of players and population, and for entrusted to him or her moderators.

As for donations, they are unforced. You can buy almost any item, change character appearence,race and faction, restore deleted character, also you can buy unique mounts, companions and other cool stuff. On our server players can be unbunned/unmuted for donation, but it remains at the discretion of the administration, for example, we won't unbun spammers.

On our forum there is an unique system of complaints. When the administration doesn't have time in game, it considers complaints on the forum. You have been offended / cheated over an item/ you have seen a cheater / heroes of 5v5/3v3? As players like to say - screen-forum-ban. If you are mistaken or banned by mistake, there is a special topic where you will be explained, for what and why you have been banned, and if you are actuaaly banned by mistake, you will be unbanned. Also on forum there is a special topic for complaints on the server administration, which is managed by Administrators and senior GMs. In that topic you can get help when administration badly deals with you. Senior Administation can help through Skype. More information on the forum.

We will always be glad to new players, we are waiting for you on the servers of the project UWOW.BIZ by Blackmanos!
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