May promotions!
29-04-2020, 07:57
[img] players!
In connection with the upcoming holidays, we decided to arrange an event! From May 1 to May 10, prices for all donated services will be discount by 30%. For the Legion Server, We give an opportunity to return the current equip will be offered at the time of discounts;
Also, each account will be allocated 1 free character recovery from May 1 to May 31. Dear players, we kindly ask you to catch this month so that you do not bite your elbows later.
- For the Legion there will be an opportunity to return the current equip for the period of discounts;
- For the duration of the promotion, an opportunity will be given to receive the top-level charm on the Legion when creating a new account during the promotion;91_may2.jpg[/img]
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