11 月 1 日,uwow将满 14 岁。 项目管理部门感谢您与我们在一起。 我们会与万圣节一起庆祝服务器的生日,并宣布与此相关的折扣和促销活动。

1、 购买游戏物品和服务可享 30% 折扣
2、 能够返回 x100 军团装备 985 级的物品
3、 10月31日至11月30日期间,您将可以免费恢复1个已删除的角色,为期1个月(11月30日之后,您将无法再执行此操作)。
10-07-2023, 07:20

Dear players! We will have a traditional summer event for amnesty, discounts and promotions.
- From July 15 to July 20, there will be a 25% discount.
- From July 15 to July 20, you can return 985 ilvl items from NPC. That are normally can't be returned.
- Also on Legion x100 you will be able to create a 110lvl character with 910 lvl equipment on the new account registered from July 15 to July 20
We hope you can enjoy the game! And have a nice summer!

P.S We have rights to refuse some amnesty for some people who made unforgivable things. And also, we will refuse some amnesty for some people who broke the rules before this events on a few days. Amnesty event is not a good reason to break the rules in the last moment before amnesty)
26-05-2023, 06:47
Legion x5 - 7.1.5

Hi, 各位玩家您好!

我们很荣幸与您宣布将于5/26更新Legion x5 7.1.5版本内容更新项目:
- 暗夜要塞(普通、英雄)团队副本,将于2023/5/26晚上全面开放。
- 暗夜要塞(传奇)团队副本,将于2023/6/2全面开放。

- 传说级装备 (940)
- 非传说级装备 (925)

- 从即日起至2023年7月21日,首次通关史诗难度-暗夜要塞(https://www.wowhead.com//the-nighthold) 的团队,将提供 整个团队共50000 Bonuses的奖励。 (若通关团队共有20人,则每人将提供2,500 Bonuses)
- 从即日起至2023年7月21日,第二个通关史诗难度-暗夜要塞(https://www.wowhead.com//the-nighthold) 的团队,将提供整个团队共25000 Bonuses的奖励。
- 从即日起至2023年7月21日,第三个通关史诗难度-暗夜要塞(https://www.wowhead.com//the-nighthold) 的团队,将提供整个团队共10000 Bonuses的奖励。

- 请您参考论坛公告内容已获得详细活动注意事项。

以上活动公告均保留随时修改、变更、暂停或终止本活动内容之权利,并以网站公告为准( https://uwowcn.com/ )。
26-04-2023, 07:35

Dear players!
Due to the upcoming holidays we decided to surprise you with a special offer:
- From the 1st till the 10th of May all donation items and services will be discounted by 30%;
- Moreover, every account will get an opportunity of restoring 1 character for free. It will last from the 1st till the 31st of May;
- Also from the 1st till the 10th of May Legion players will be able to return 985 items to vendor;
- For the Legion x100 you will be able to get a level 110 character when creating a new account during the campaign.

Dear our players, we are glad to announce that our server has been moved to Mainland China! Now the delay in the game will be much lower! For players from Taiwan, in order to reduce the delay in the game, we launched two new realms-proxy servers ([Proxy TW] x5 and [Proxy TW] x100), entering these realms, you will get to x5 and x100 realms, but the route will be pass through a proxy tunnel, which should reduce your latency.
9-02-2023, 14:34

Hello. Valentine's Day is coming and we've decided to start our traditional promotions:
- On the Legion x100 you will be able to get a level 110 character in 910 equipment when creating a new account
- 20% discount on items and services will be active on 13, 14 and 15 of February

Dear all,


UWowCN Legion x5 服务器即将开幕!

Opening date: 13/01/2023 at 12:00 GMT+8.
Rates: x5 for experience, everything else x1.
Game world type: PvP?
Raid Lockouts last a week for Normal, Heroic and Mythic with option to extend Lockouts.
20221222 - 服务器维护公告



UWowCN管理团队 祝您游戏愉快!
19-12-2022, 18:22

We are already preparing for the holiday, developing events, mulling over gifts and promotions, but you have the opportunity to be the first to know the news about our holiday plans.

Promotions from December 20 to January 14 inclusive:
- 30% discount on items and services;
- traditional amnesty of banned accounts;
- free recovery of one character in your account, one recovery per account (the gift will be available from January 1 to January 31.);
- for the Legion at the time of discounts, the opportunity to return the current equip 985 level;
- for the Legion the opportunity to get a level 110 character in 910 equipment when creating a new account during the campaign;
- A small New Year gift in early January.
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