The opening of new game world Legion x100 for CHINA
31-01-2018, 13:01
中国服务器 Legion x100 即將开放!

Dear players,
We're glad to announce we're going to open our first new game world: Legion x100 for China.

Realm Setting:
Realm type: PvP
XP gained for killing mobs: x100
XP gained for completing quests: x50
XP gained for exploring new areas: x10
Drop rate: x5 (on average)
Gold rate: x3
Honor rate: x1
Reputation rate: x5
Dungeons and raids: cooldown resets everyday

Rewards given for hours spent in-game:
100 hours - Nightmare Whelpling
250 hours - Dread Hatchling
500 hours - Grommloc
1000 hours - Tyrael
2500 hours - Hearthsteed
5000 hours - Reins of the Illidari Felstalker
9000 hours - Mystic Runesaber

If you're the first time joining our server, please read this topic: "How to start".
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